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Richard Liebowitz

Philanthropy & Community

About Richard Liebowitz

Richard Liebowitz is a talented professional and multihyphenate whose impressive career has spanned the photography, arts, and theatre industries. Recently, he has been working as a Broadway Producer; he produced American Buffalo – a play by David Mamet that premiered on Broadway in 1977 – which staged previews in March 2022 and brought in big names like Laurence Fishburne, Sam Rockwell, and Darren Criss. 

Alongside a deep love of theatre, Richard Liebowitz is a fan of the arts and a photographer himself. Throughout school and into his career, Richard always loved working behind the lens of a camera and was involved with a number of photography clubs and projects throughout his life. 

It was while working as an intern under the famous New York photographer Bruce Cotler that Richard Liebowitz furthered his passion for photography and developed his own career as a freelance photographer; he wrote about this experience in his book, Apprentice! Lessons Learned on the Frontlines of Life. Richard is rarely seen without a camera in his hand, and he enjoys the work he does.

Presently in his career, alongside all of his work in theatre and photography, Richard Liebowitz is also the founder of Noir Press, which he opened in January of 2022. Additionally, he is an investor in the first-ever museum of Broadway located in Times Square. In his career, Richard is known for his skills in Westlaw, public speaking, social networking, marketing, and media relations, as well as his knowledge of photography, photojournalism, and new business development. He is a member of the New York Press Photographers Association. 

Alongside his busy and fulfilling career, Richard Liebowitz ensures that he makes time each week to volunteer with The Bowery Mission, a soup kitchen and homeless shelter serving the increasing population of New Yorkers who are experiencing hunger, poverty, and homelessness. So far, the organization has been successful in feeding more than a quarter million meals, providing 56,000 nights of shelter, and donating more than 20,000 articles of clothing, and Richard is currently working with the Mission to increase their reach even further. He’s exploring options to mentor individuals in the skills of photography in order to build careers as freelance photographers. 

To learn more about Richard’s involvement in his community, please visit his blog page – for even more information, visit his entrepreneurship and photography sites!