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Many actors, musicians, and other art performers are passionate about giving back to their communities. However, finding the time to volunteer can be challenging for busy professionals. Your smarts, charm, and outgoing personality can make you an ideal candidate for charitable activities. Here are ways that you can volunteer in the performing arts and give back to the community by doing what you love: 

Perform at Assisted Living Facilities

Being in an assisted living facility can be very challenging for people with depression or anxiety. However, volunteering can help alleviate some of these issues. Music therapy can also help these individuals feel better.

According to studies, music therapy can help improve the memory of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It can also help them recall their past experiences. Music can also be brought to a patient’s bedside in a hospital or an assisted living facility to help them feel better.

Community Event Performances

When organizing events, many people rely on musicians to play their instruments to motivate the participants. If theatre is more of your style, a short play or performance is a great way to keep people engaged and entertained at a community or fundraising event.

You can help raise money for an organization whose values and cause align with yours, and your music will play a vital role in helping them reach their goals. Nonprofits and charities rely on the community’s support to make a difference, and your performance can help them achieve their objectives.

When performing at a fundraiser, you can help boost the number of people who give to a charitable organization. In addition to generating more donations, your performance can help publicize the group’s cause.

Donate Your Time to a Theatre

Spend time doing what you love by volunteering at a local theatre. Donate your time and theatre skills by serving as an usher or working with various departments within the company, such as marketing, development, and more. This type of volunteer work would be perfect for actors or those who are passionate about the art of performing and theater. Volunteering at your local theatre can enrich yourself in what you love. 

Teach Performing Arts

If you’re a passionate actor, singer, or musician, volunteering at a local school can be a great way to help others learn the trade or hone their skills. There are a variety of ways that you can help, such as after-school programs and private lessons. 

Children and teens can receive mentorship and counseling for pursuing what they love by volunteering to teach. Volunteering can help with various musical or theatre performances or speak to young people and motivate them with their words.

Donate Instruments or Performance Materials

As you transition from a beginner to an expert performer of the arts, you might go through various musical instruments, costumes, scripts, playbills, or other materials. It’s important to note that others may want to do the same path but have different opportunities to purchase or rent these items.